Contractor & riding

As the biggest professional hydro-blasting and coating contractor in Singapore and China,we can fulfill any challenging requirement from owner side, and for any class of ship or offshore unit.

More than 800 employees with hundreds of UHP giving us confidence and sound name for these projects.
After working as subcontractor and refurbishment supplier in Beihai and Yiulian shipyard--one of biggest and most reputed yards in China for years, we are now expanding our service to other different yards as.

Jurong shipyard

PPA -COSCO shipyard

South China
COSCO shipyard 
Wenchong dockyard

Middle China
Youlian dockyard
Changhong shipyard
Xinya shipyard
We have also riding team with STCW & seaman book,Our riding services including:
- Inspection of tanks rusting/coating situation world wide 
- Hydro-blasting and refurbishment of ballast tanks 
- Blasting and painting of deck and superstructure
- Staging and material handling