Marine Safety Service

Life boat & Launching appliance service (annual & 5-Yearly)

Our maker approved/trained service engineers can maintenance, overhaul, re-certification of the lifeboat/davit to meet the IMO ( IMO MSC Circular 1206), flag administration , and class society requirement
- Release gear system overhaul/test
- Hull refurbishment to maker standard
- Water spray, air system checking/testing
- Engine service and repair
- Load testing of release gear and davit
- Install /Renew control system and release hooks
- Cam clutch Renew with new maker's regulation

Fire fighting equipment servicing (inspection &refilling & hydro-test)
- All kinds of fire extinguishers /systems annual inspection and maintenance, recharging/hydro-testing
- All kinds of fire extinguishers /systems annual inspection and maintenance, recharging/hydro-testing
- Converting Halon system to CO2 system for ship to meet related regulation
- Breathing apparatus and EEBD, inspection and maintenance, cylinder recharging /hydro-testing
- Immersion suit & Inflatable lifejacket inspection and test
- Air quality test for B.A compressor
- Gas detectors /gauges /meters annual calibration
- High pressure Co2 flexible control pipe & release pipe 10-yearly renew as per MSC.1318 Rules.

Liferaft servicing (supply & inspection & exchange service)
-Liferaft annual service with maker's approved service station
-All China Made Brand and model