Repair berth

Now days, more than 50% of bulk aged less than 5 years, means big market requirement of 
quick cargo hold treatment, as slightly rusting. Some owner did underwater survey
instead of going dd for first special survey, leaving the cargo hold rusted and not treated.

And also some owner change cargo which cement, coal and dirty cargo to clean cargo
With big advantage of our manpower and UHP, we cooperate with Qidong and zhoushan
repair berth to provide such cargo hold upgrading service, for a limited budget of owner

Half of the hold will be blasted with cherry picker while left half for staging in 2 days,
so total time will be 5 cargo hold 5 days, 7 cargo hold, 7 days, 9 cargo hold, 10 days

The repair berth ech data as bellow information
Length : 220m
Draft : - 9m
Crane : 30 ton